Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Korang rasa berbaloi ke hidup nie?

Hari nie aku bangun, aku duk termenung jap..



Aku ingatkan sekejap jer, tapi rupa-rupanya lama jgk aku termenung. Selepas aku kira pakai kalkulator saintifik yang aku beli time study dulu, aku dapati aku dah termenung kira-kira 3 minit 26 saat. Lama kan? Lama laa tue, da boleh masak meggi kot.

Ok, back to the root of the stoly...

Korang mesti nk tau ape yang aku menungkan, btol x? Kalau korang xnk tau pon aku nk cakap jgk sebab nie blog aku.

Aku bukan nk cakap pasal pompuan, sebab pompuan salunya nombor lapan belas atau dua puluh dua dalam hidup aku. Ok2, aku tipu lagi.

Aku nk cakap pasal mende lain laa. Korang nk tau ke? Klik kt bawah tue.


What I think and do most?

Well, I don't really have an idea what to write down for now, but still I feels want to note down something. Huhu, basically at this time, my brain is fully active and very productive. Why? Because from the research, I found that I'm the evening type of person.

How true it is? I never know, but I do think that I'm reflecting to my surrounding very well, in other words, I'm so flexible. Hehe, it's true though sometimes, we have different kind of mood in our life and does not always favor us as we wish it to be. Okay then, back to the topic. What I think and do most at the time in my life 'till now?

Basically, I think since I was born until now I'd never have a life as great as I wished to. It's kinda bored life of mine, with least things to do, little things to earn (haha,honestly), few moments to experience, and so on. Bet who gonna be blamed for? No one, actually I believe it was my fate and I have to change it forever. And I'm working for it right now!

When i was a kid, I play a lots just like the other kids do. I must say that I enjoyed my childhood time very well though I had travel much at that time. I was born at Marang, Terengganu, where my hometown is and then switched to stay with my sister. I had stay with her at Kajang for two years before moving to Kuantan until now. My teenage could be very mixed, all good and bad things I had ever done. It's a learning processes by the way, we all have to going through all that moments.

Mostly, I involve well in sports and it was football that I master at and interested most. I play since I was a kid, and until now it's still being my number one sports. It's not like I plays incredibly amazing like Ronaldo or Messi (damn admire them), but it was my interest and I think I play well. How well it was? It was good enough to take me to represent my school, district, and state at that moment. Huhu, there's lot of memories that I kept since I was involving myself in football, some good, some terrifically bad, it's normal though.

Others? I like to watch TV or movies, then spending my time to read some materials (usually papers). I'm not going out often but I really like to do it. There's lot of factors that make me as I am now. Being a bored man and going out occasionally, but I think it's fine. I do enjoy gratefully when I have a chance to hang out, no matter with who, where, or what time it was. Did I study well? I guess so, but sometimes I don't have enough chance to maximize my capabilities. I always want to challenge myself to my maximum level likes...further my study to overseas? It's a very close call, but not yet, not my time nor luck.

A bit sleepy...what else huh? It's 2.25 am by the way. Yup, I'm a big dreamer, can't deny. I always thinking that one day I will be able to have a better life (much2 better) and left everything that make me sick (there's a lots) behind. Sometimes, I does work for it, but nothing good has come yet 'till now. Sometimes, it demoralized me though I think I still have enough time to achieve my goal. I really hope, after all efforts that I'd put, I can earn what I have been dreaming of (pray for it).

It just come across my mind, a quote once comes out from my ex-girl ~~ life is not a bed of roses...AGREED! But at least I'm brave enough to face it...How 'bout you hon?!

BLOG? Heard it long time ago...and now i'm here!


Well, it’s about blog again. I just wondering how it could influence the readers out there to read your blogs…okay, our blogs! I have think that it could be ridiculous to ask people to read the blogs. How come they will be so interested to know what was happen to us, what we like to do, what were our opinions about the oil price hike, how to tackle Man Utd, and so on. But that was when the first time I know about the blogs.

I’m telling you that now I’m realize the benefits of having a blog, despite having our own creative page at Friendster or Myspace. Here, I’d think I can assemble all my ideas, opinions, news, opportunities, and so lots of things, if not to capture the reader’s attention, it’s just for me to note it down.

It could be useful then if it’s involving tangible profit (we never know), but the most important thing is to earn intangible matter (satisfaction). So, here I am…in the blogger world to sketch some my masterpiece art of my life. Chill…!!!